Victoria Sills
Author of "You Are Going To Love Me"

Victoria Sills has been a teacher for eighteen years. Sixteen of those years have been in the Special Education field. Mrs. Sills lives in Helotes and has taught Fiona for the past 5 years. She lives with her husband, and two sons.

Fiona Hale
Illustrator of "You Are Going To Love Me"

Fiona is 12 years old and is a sixth grader at Wallace B. Jefferson Middle School, Texas. She illustrated the book when she was in third grade. She was diagnosed with autism when she was three and has blossomed into a talented artist. Fiona spends most of her school day in General Education. She spends her spare time, like most typical kids, playing video games and watching tv. Unlike typical kids, she spends up to five hours a day illustrating, studying illustrations and creating flipbooks or storybooking. Fiona lives with her Mom, Dad, sister and brother.